Best Pizza Toppings

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. Some people want a “lovely cheese pizza, just for me” like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. But for many others (perhaps even the legendary Macaulay Culkin himself), toppings are essential for a good pizza.

And there are plenty to choose from! Here are some of the best pizza toppings you can get.

Pizza Topping Ideas

Bacon Slices

We have discussed bacon crumble and its terrible substitute for bacon on pizza. However, if you go to a genuinely high-quality pizza business that cares about the quality of its food, you can likely acquire genuine bacon strips as a topping. The crisp, meaty, and smokey taste of bacon is the ideal complement to the richness of mozzarella cheese, and it pairs well with a quality tomato sauce. Bacon strips are likely one of the few pizza toppings that are tasty on their own. However, it also pairs well with almost any topping.

Hot Sausage

Wherever used, spicy sausage makes its presence felt. It becomes one of the outstanding meals when added to the pizza. The resulting taste balance will delight everyone when combined with additional savory toppings such as onions and mushrooms. The sausage’s spiciness and meatiness may complement practically any other ingredient, and none of its characteristics are lost in the mixture. Every mouthful of hot sausage has a dash of salt, chili flakes, and fennel seed, making it a perennial winner.


You may think mushrooms do not contribute much to a pizza, but you would be very incorrect. Mushrooms offer a delightful, earthy flavor that compliments the acidity and richness of pizza, despite the opinion held by some that they have no discernible flavor. Due to their adaptability and taste, mushrooms may also be blended with other ingredients. On top of that, mushrooms are one of the most identifiable and visually appealing pizza toppings, enhancing the appearance of any pie.


How could any other topping compete with pepperoni? Pepperoni is the most traditional and popular topping for pizza. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing those immaculate red circles get somewhat crusty around the edges and form a gorgeous pool of oil. How is it that one steak may perfectly complement a whole dish? Ultimately, if you want to gratify a large group, you should order a pizza with just pepperoni. Everyone seems to be cheerful. This is the reason why pepperoni will always reign supreme among pizza toppings.

Pizza Topping Ideas

Best Pizza Topping Combos

Peppers & Onions

In most pizza restaurants, peppers are a premium ingredient, but they earn their spot on the menu by contributing a great deal of flavor. Unlike most other products, peppers possess a degree of unrivaled sweetness while retaining the spicy overtones that characterize peppers. Regarding choosing quality products, peppers are likely an excellent option. They complement the mild taste of mozzarella and do not get lost in the sauce’s flavor.

When you put onions on a pizza, something miraculous occurs. They do not entirely break down as they do during the caramelization process. Still, they lose enough of their raw edge to acquire a mild, palatable flavor that pairs well with the savory flavors of the other pizza components. In addition, they maintain enough of their original texture to provide a little variety to the pizza without making it overly crunchy.

Barbecue Sauce, Chicken & Onions

This option may anger a few individuals because it is not usually considered a topping. Acceptable enough. Barbecue sauce is not a classic pizza topping like green peppers or anchovies, but it has a remarkable effect when added to a pizza.

It imparts a smokey, robust taste that no other topping can match. In addition, combining it with chicken and onions creates barbecue chicken pizza, a relative newcomer to the pizza market (and one available at our locations) that has shown to be both popular and tasty.

Pineapple & Ham

Pineapple on pizzas is a controversial issue. While most of those reading this list may turn up their noses in disgust, at least a few enthusiastically nod in accord with the pineapple’s place in the top five. It’s all about taste balance. And any Hawaiian pizza also contains ham

You can taste the salty richness of mozzarella, the warmer, savory flavor of tomato sauce, and the bright, sweet, and somewhat acidic taste of pineapple. Pineapple on pizza may not be your preferred topping, but it offers more flavor than other popular additions.

Unique Pizza Ideas

One spin on the iconic pepperoni pizza that you can find on our menu is the Yo Paulie. Not only do you get the unique flavor of pepperoni, but it also blends a honey drizzle and chopped cherry peppers to bring out many different tastes in one bite.

Another unique one on the menu that our customers enjoy is the Street Fair. This pizza consists of sausage, shaved sweet onion and chopped cherry peppers to emulate the flavor of a sausage & peppers hero that you would find at an Italian feast.

Speaking of sausage, there’s also the Sausage Jalapeno that ups the ante in spiciness with the use of jalapeno peppers. Not to mention the addition of fresh mozzarella to bring another layer of texture and flavor.

Last but not least is one that we had at our West Village location for a brief period of time: the Pepsi-Roni Pizza. Since Pepsi is well-known for its ability to improve the pizza flavor, we collaborated with chefs from the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Consulting to rethink and design a new sort of pepperoni imbued with the rich caramel notes and brown spices of Pepsi cola.

The innovative topping formula created by Pepsi and CIA Consulting uses a Pepsi® Zero Sugar reduction in place of the water traditionally used in pepperoni preparation. The formula combines the sweet and citrus zests for which Pepsi is recognized with the traditional spice mixes found in pepperoni.

So what are the best pizza toppings? Well, that’s all a matter of opinion. And luckily for you, our New York pizza parlors provide you with a variety to try!