Upper West Side Pizza


  • plain cheese 3.25 | 22

    crushed tomato sauce + mozzarella

  • pepperoni 4.50 | 27

    pecorino romano, mozzarella, + pepperoni

  • bbq chicken 5.25 | 32
  • sausage jalapeno 5.25 | 32

    fresh mozzarella cheese, sausage + jalapenos

  • fresh mozzarella margherita 4.50 | 27
  • vodka pie 4.75 | 30

    vodka sauce, pecorino romano, fresh mozzarella

  • buffalo chicken 5.25 | 32

    buffalo chicken + mozzarella cheese

  • white spinach 5.25 | 32

    mozzarella, fresh ricotta, pecorino romano, chopped garlic, + extra virgin olive oil


  • gluten-free personal pie 16+

    any round pie 16 + $2 per topping


  • spicy pepperoni 4.75 | 32

    crushed red pepper, fresh mozzarella, + thick hand cut, spicy pepperoni

  • original grandma 4.50 | 28

    fresh mozzarella, pecorino romano, hand-crushed seasoned plum tomatoes, fresh chopped garlic, sicilian oregano, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil

  • veggie 4.75 | 32
  • eggplant 4.75 | 32

    fresh mozzarella, sicilian oregano, parmigiano cheese, + fresh eggplant

  • classic sicilian 4.50 | 27
  • white 4.75 | 32
  • upside down 4.50 | 27

    fresh mozzarella, parmigiano cheese, sicilian oregano, + extra virgin olive oil


$5 per pie

olive sausage


$6 per pie

spicy pepperoni
buffalo chicken

bbq chicken


  • garlic knots 4.00
  • pepperoni wheel 5.00
  • cheese calzone 8.00
  • chicken roll 8.00
  • caesar salad 8.00
  • house salad 9.00


  • bottles 3.50

    mexican coke, mexican sprite, mexican orange fanta

  • cans 2.50

    coca-cola, diet coke, sprite, grape soda, root beer, ginger ale, & seltzer

  • bottled water 2.50

* New York State Sales Tax Not Included.

Payment with credit or debit card will incur a non-cash adjustment fee of 3.95%. There is no fee applied for cash payments.

NYC Pizza

Upper West Side

UWS New York Pizzeria Menu

One of the most sought-after food items on the Upper West Side is pizza. But Made in New York Pizza stands out from the rest because of the sheer variety of delicious pizzas that you can get. From classic staples to some more unique toppings, you’ll be able to find it all on our menu.

421 Amsterdam Avenue

271 Amsterdam Avenue

Our Upper West Side Location

Pizza UWS

If you don’t feel like coming to our pizza shop on the UWS, then you can always get your order delivered right to your home or hotel room. That way you get to enjoy our food wherever you desire!

Made in New York Pizza opened our doors in 2018 and has been a go-to destination for a great slice or a whole pie ever since. We’re here to fulfill all of your pizza needs, so contact our team today and we’ll get you one step closer to getting the savory satisfaction you’re looking for!

Fast Pizza Delivery

If you’re looking for the best pizza on the Upper West Side (UWS), look no further! The freshness of our ingredients blended with the herbs & seasonings we use make for a slice that is distinctly New York.

Our location is halfway between Riverside Park and Central Park, making it an easy walk from many popular destinations in our neighborhood. Locals and tourists alike flock to our pizzeria for the combination of our atmosphere and the taste of our authentic New York style pizza.