New York Style Pizzeria

About Out Pizza Shop

Established in 2018, Made in New York Pizza is a NYC pizzeria that serves the very best pizza in Manhattan. Our pizza chefs cook authentic NY style pizza with the freshest ingredients to those living in the city or people coming here for the very first time who have dreamed of trying a slice from a real New York pizzeria.

It’s our goal to become the epitome of what people think when they picture New York style pizza. It doesn’t matter if it’s a square or a triangle as long as the flavors satisfy our customers’ palates.

NYC Pizzeria

Endorsed by culinary and celebrity luminaries, Made in New York Pizza is becoming more and more a staple of the community. We already have multiple locations including our original Upper West Side shop and our new place in the West Village that features NFTs in our artwork.

Kids and adults alike will appreciate the flavors of our various types of pizza every time they order off of our menu. Since our opening, we have expanded our reach to multiple neighborhoods in Manhattan so more people can easily get the pizza they desire.