All’s Fair in Love & Pizza Order-Ins

Caution: Post-pizza, tasters are likely to confuse the hit of delicious pizza as the sensation of love. Just kidding! 

Attention, attention – this is your pizza captain speaking. Love is in the air. We know, we know, the Christmas lights are barely off and you’re still full from mom’s turkey dinner, with vivid recollections of dodging relatives’ questions about your career and romantic prospects in the ‘Big City.’ Ugh, now it’s already Valentine’s Day?

But we’re just a pizza place with speedy pizza delivery in NYC, standing in front of a hopeful tummy, asking to love ‘em. The ‘day of love’ shall, henceforth, no longer be dreaded. How might that be? Cue the ultimate pizza date at home. An NYC pizza delivery from Made in New York Pizza means no heartbreak at your place tonight, whether you’re in sweatpants or have candles lit.

A Slice For Every Pizza Your Heart

Pizza is casual, low-key, and comforting. It knows what it wants, and that’s to make you happy. Not sure what the question is, but the answer is almost always a crispy, chewy golden-brown crust with sumptuous toppings that make your heart skip a beat. You know it’s there, even before you lock eyes. 

Whether you’re riding solo on the self-love train this year, dreaming up the best moves the book of romance has ever seen, couching it out together with dinner and a movie in sweats, or avoiding Valentine’s Day altogether – there’s always pizza. And you don’t even have to leave the house. 

The ooey-gooey cheesy line goes something like this: “Our love is like a pizza delivery – fast, satisfying, and always leaving me wanting another.” 

So, what’s on the pizza menu?

Lovestruck Pie Sharing Options

It’s pure “OMG,” “yum,” and melting love at first smell. Pizza’s generosity doesn’t fail in flavor, nor does it fall short of options, options, options to soothe just about every tastebud in existence. Pizza’s reputation for sharing is ancient. 

Ditch the expectations and reservations. Just deliver goodness straight to the front door. It’s love, dialed up.

Pepperoni Pleasures

You have a DM. It’s from the Pepperoni Pie at Made in New York Pizza. Keen to hang? With an edge-to-edge parmesan-proud golden crust and the knack for making sweet promises of tang and punch, the Pepperoni Pizza shows all of its cards almost immediately – a romantic through and through.

It’s a celebration of the union of a rich tomato sauce, draped with the finest mozzarella, and a kick of pepperoni on a medium oven-baked base that’s ready to mingle. Then there’s the hint of pecorino and oregano finishes, too. Your date won’t dare refute its universal charm and ability to fit right in between the two of you on the couch. Local pizza delivery in a jiffy is the best wingperson. Dig in!

Plant-Based Lovin’

This is a mouthwatering shoutout to the veggie lovers, as well as the gluten- and lactose-sensitive tummies out there. It’s 2024 – have your ‘za and eat it too. Made in New York Pizza has made the circle bigger to include pies that cater to pizza lovers with specific dietary preferences or restrictions. 

Our sumptuous gluten-free and vegan creations have pushed the crusty boundaries of comfort food to include your very own personal pie where you make the ‘za rules, also featuring vegan cheese options and a whole host of veggie delights. Just call it smooth romance in a time of inviting convenience!

On Top(pings) of the World

It’s the era of self-love. Get it while it’s hot. Fresh – for you, from you. V-Day (as they say) at home this year is just you, and that’s the way you like it. This time, you’re thinking – toppings galore! Fresh out of the shower, and with a cold bevvy making eyes at you, more is more. 

Not to list the choice of toppings, but mushrooms, olives, sausage, jalapenos, onion, spicy pepperoni, stracciatella, and eggplant are all worthy of an appearance. Phew, now those are what you call tasty possibilities. Then there’s also the other thing: If you’re feeling indecisive, the ease of ordering Made in New York Pizza’s signature squares or a single slice turns a good night into a fan-freakin-tastic one.

Lasting Love – Delivered to Your Door

Quickest love story ever: click, click, ordered, ring ring, pizza’s here. Don’t you just love li’l local pizza delivery? With several central locations in New York and breezy online ordering, chances are we’re just around the corner. Here for every kind of moment, a slice of pie is an expression of goodness, guaranteed to love and be loved.

Do it your way with pizza delivery in NYC. Order in a mega dose of affection – courtesy of Made in New York Pizza – and see where the evening takes you. On our way.