Hot or Not? Try Our Spicy Pizza Slices

On your search for a spice-filled meal, you’ll most likely make a stop at your local pizza place in NYC for a slice of delicious goodness that brings the heat. Unlike the traditional mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce slices that landed on the shores of the city in the early 20th century, spicy pizza creations are a modern invention that was made popular by adventurous foodies in search of bold, heat-inducing ingredients to liven up their squares with.

Whether your heart (or stomach!) desires a mild, pepperoni-laden pie or a flavor bomb of buffalo chicken with red hot sauce, you’ll be happy to know that the Made in New York Pizza has got you covered with an amazing selection of slices and squares.

Mild to Wild: The Spicy Pizza Spectrum

Before you ride off into the sunset on a hot pepper-laden pizza, you’ll need to determine which intensity is best to go with. The spectrum is quite big, and there’s a long way to go before you reach pepper X status (that’s the world’s hottest pepper; think the gates of hell meet a slightly sweet flavor).

On the mild side, pepperoni or bell peppers are great intros with a warm mouthfeel that’s not overpowering in the least. Towards the middle lies jalapeno, a popular green chili that’s got a kick and pairs wonderfully with mozzarella. On the high end, you’ll be scorched by hot red chili peppers that take no prisoners — order with a cold drink!

While spice is the name of the game, it’s also important to keep the flavor profile of your slice in mind. Some ingredients are so spicy that they tend to overpower the dish rather than enhance it. If you’re new to the spicy scene, it may be helpful to start on the mild end of the spectrum before jumping into flames at your favorite pizza place in NYC.

Subtly Spicy & Fiery Pizza Creations

Dipping your toe into the mild and medium waters of spice has never tasted so good with our appetizing slices made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Meat lovers should indulge in our Yo Paulie pizza, which features a mild spice profile with pepperoni, hot cherry peppers, and a drizzle of honey for a sweet aftertaste.

We also offer a spicy pepperoni square that has a more traditional taste with a slightly fiery mouthfeel. And, of course, hungry herbivores can add jalapenos or roasted peppers to their vegetarian slice to enjoy a subtle heat.

We can’t leave out our daring and devilish patrons ready to reach scorching temperatures with red-hot pizza toppings. Our buffalo chicken pie is topped with breaded chicken marinated in Frank’s red hot sauce (made from aged cayenne peppers and paprika) to ensure a fiery festival of deliciousness. You can also up your spice game with extra jalapenos and spicy sausage to really reach a high Scoville level.

Spice Up Your Pizza Adventure with Made In New York

For a twist on authentic Italian pizza, a spicy slice is the way to go. Pair it with a cold beverage (or hot, as some recommend) to create an unforgettable, flaming culinary experience you’ll be happy to relive again and again.

Whether a mild pepperoni pie is more your speed or a square loaded with all kinds of peppers is what gets you going, Made In New York Pizza has got you covered! Our selection of spicy toppings (both vegetarian and meaty) ensures you get the level of heat you crave when searching for the best, fiery pizza in NYC.