In Crust We Trust: Is a Square Pizza Better?

Traditionalists love a regular triangle. But the Sicilian is something special. The original square pizza has dough over an inch thick, the base is crunchy, and the interior has more air. Here’s what we love about our favorite square pizza slice and why we think you should give it a try.

Crust or Cheese?

Square: Some people aren’t a fan of crust – and that’s okay. The middle of the pizza squares are for you; just easy cheesy goodness and a ton of toppings. Then there are the outer corners for those who love their carbs (and we don’t blame you). Everyone is happy. Score.

Triangle: For those who value equality, each triangle slice has the same crust and cheesy ratio. So, really, this one depends on you.

More Toppings, More Love

Square: This is one of our favorite parts of the square. Since the base is thicker, it can hold more toppings without caving in, breaking in half, flopping over, and just doing you dirty in general. Add extra fresh mozzarella, chicken, or whatever; your square pizza slice has got you covered.

Triangle: If you’re into a thinner base or think all those toppings are a little, well, over the top, then tone it down with a triangle. It’s just as tasty.

Better for Snacking

Square: Who said eating pizza couldn’t be responsible? Squares are cut slightly smaller than triangles, so they’re better for sharing and portion control. Hey, everyone deserves a slice, anyway.

Triangle: Looking to indulge? Yes, those famous triangles are waiting for you.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re craving something inclusive and generous with its toppings, then you might want to think out of the box (or square) and head straight to the Sicilian. Squares are also durable, which means you can take that baby wherever without her (and you) falling apart. 

And – if the idea of a pizza square isn’t working for you, all good. Made in New York PIzza has all the options, hot, saucy, and ready for you – for walk-ins or deliveries. It’s your choice.