More Than Cheese: Drunken Grandma Pizza

Grab your nonna and give her a big ‘ol hug because we’re celebrating pizza in New York City – and how it all began. Starting with the authentic and delicious taste of the Drunken Grandma pizza, this meal was created by Italian immigrant housewives as a quick and hearty pan-sized dish. Now, Grandma squares are a staple in the NYC slice scene, and more recently, Drunken Grandma squares have taken the city by storm with its fun name and irresistible ingredients.

Pizza in New York City: Where Did it Begin?

Pizza in New York City is as common as street pigeons and as timeless as winter evenings in the city. As the nation’s slice empire, the roots of the dish go back to the arrival of Italian immigrants in the early 20th century. Traditional NYC pizza was initially a simple creation with a well-made dough crust along with ample mozzarella and flavorful tomato sauce. 

Fast forward to the present, and pizza in New York City is a part of everyday life. What’s more, its innovations keep coming, with new topping combinations and global fusions keeping the scene on its toes.

The Rise of Grandma Pizza

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