The Perfect NYC Pizza Starts With Cheese: A Look at Your Favorite Melty Topping

The world of cheese is wilder than you can imagine. Of course, not every cheesy treat is appropriate for a pizza. In fact, there’s some good news: just three primary types are used for the best pizza in NYC.

Other cheeses can add a touch of exotic flavor to a gourmet pie, but there’s no replacing the standards, which are usually combined in a unique house blend specific to each pizza shop. These legends are the ooey-gooey foundations upon which all pizzadom comfortably rests.

Well, what are they? It’s time for some formal introductions.

#1 Mozzarella

High-moisture mozzarella is common on Neopolitan pies, but due to its short shelf life, it isn’t the standard here in the Big Apple. Most NYC pizza shops use the denser, saltier, low-moisture mozzarella for their Margheritas.

A good pizzeria will grate their mozzarella in-house, ensuring that no extra additives mess with the melt. This is the backbone of any good house blend because of its versatility – often making up 50% or more. It knows it’s the star of the show, so it doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with the other contenders.

#2 Provolone

The second most common cheese added to the mix is provolone, an Italian semi-hard cheese. The flavor varies greatly depending on how long it is aged, but it’s known for having a signature mild tanginess.

Generally, the New York slice features provolone that has not aged too long to maintain a creamier texture and sweeter flavor. Some superfans claim that a provolone pizza is peak, but for most of us, it’s best when adding depth of flavor in combination with the other cheeses.

#3 Parmesan

Speaking of flavor… everyone, give a warm welcome to parmesan. Parmesan is usually shredded or shaved on top of freshly made pizzas. Because of its dry texture, it’s uncommon for this one to be part of the mix that goes into the oven.

Parmesan isn’t much of a melter. It was born to stand out, not to blend in. Its flavor doesn’t fare well at high temperatures, either. It’s usually added to a piping hot pie fresh from the oven, completing the cheesy picture at the most crucial moment.

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