The Ultimate Hangover Cure: Post-Party Pizza Picks

Pizza is an iconic post-party food, and not just the cold kind you find in the back of the refrigerator. It ticks all the boxes for a good hangover-easing snack: comforting oozy cheese, enough oil to lubricate your insides without irritating your stomach, and some satisfying carbs to mop up the previous night’s excess. There’s more to it than urban legend – so let’s unpack what makes pizza the perfect day-after treat.

Crafting the Perfect Hangover Pizza

To get the most out of pizza as a hangover cure, you need to be strategic in your ordering. This starts from the very beginning: what kind of pizza should you order? Apart from quality (that greasy dollar slice on the corner probably isn’t going to have quite the same effect), the pizza style you choose matters.

Start with a hearty crust – some carbs to help regulate your blood sugar levels. The classic NYC pizza is always a winner, but for the maximum comfort-food experience, we suggest a Sicilian or grandma pizza. The thicker, denser base gives you something to really sink your teeth into.

On the top, cheeses like mozzarella are high in calcium, protein, and healthy fat, which has been shown to help soothe your stomach. In fact, some say that you should eat something cheesy before your night out (pre-party pizza, anyone?) to line your stomach and boost the enzymes that break down acetaldehyde, which causes a lot of hangover symptoms.

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