The Ultimate Hangover Cure: Post-Party Pizza Picks

Pizza is an iconic post-party food, and not just the cold kind you find in the back of the refrigerator. It ticks all the boxes for a good hangover-easing snack: comforting oozy cheese, enough oil to lubricate your insides without irritating your stomach, and some satisfying carbs to mop up the previous night’s excess. There’s more to it than urban legend – so let’s unpack what makes pizza the perfect day-after treat. Crafting the Perfect Hangover Pizza To get the most out of pizza as a hangover cure, you need to be strategic in your ordering. This starts from the very beginning: what kind of pizza should you order? Apart from quality (that greasy dollar slice on the corner probably isn’t going to have quite the same effect), the pizza style you choose matters. Start with a hearty crust – some carbs to help regulate your blood sugar levels. The classic NYC pizza is always a winner, but for the maximum comfort-food experience, we suggest a Sicilian or grandma pizza. The thicker, denser base gives you something to really sink your teeth into. On the top, cheeses like mozzarella are high in calcium, protein, and healthy fat, which has been

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The Slice Test: Breaking Down New York’s Favorite Pizza

The Slice Test: Breaking Down New York’s Favorite Pizza When it comes to New York pizza, it’s all about the slice. Buying pizza by the (giant) slice is as New York as the Statue of Liberty. It’s a rite of passage that every visitor should try – but how do you figure out which slice to try? There are literally hundreds of pizza shops in Manhattan alone. Even as a local, there are so many choices it can be difficult to know whether your local slice is as good as it should be. The pizza experts at Made in New York Pizza have your back. Our name is a clue: we’re masters of the New York pizza slice. A basic pizza is pretty easy to make – anyone can put tomato sauce and cheese on some dough – but basic is all most of them will be. And not every pizza made in New York is a real New York-style slice. Our chefs have done the work to understand exactly what makes for the ultimate New York pizza experience. Step 1: It’s All About the Perfect Thin Base The crust makes a real New York-style pizza. Most pizza styles are

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Treat Your Taste Buds to the Best New York Pizza

Are you settling for a meh “New York pizza near me”? Don’t. Do you see it yet? The thin crust horizon is unfolding before your hungry eyes. The cheesy gates are open. The best New York pizza is calling you. Or, let’s just call it the home of New York pizza. It’s Made in New York Pizza. It’s theorized that when Frank Sinatra sang about New York, he was actually talking about the pizza. Speculate all you will, the proof is in the (tomato-y) sauce. Finding a Comfortable Pizza Place to Get Comfortable at Known for its sliced on-the-go goodness, no one ever dislikes a great vibe. Apart from the authentic flavors that define this NY staple, variety, friendly service, and a good environment are the pizza-shaped holy trinity of any worthy pizzeria. Made in New York Pizza does just that, layering the ingredients of what makes a good pizza experience. Often chewing over the idea of creating a “wow” jar for each one we get, we also realize that, sometimes, our customers aren’t big talkers. They’re too busy gulping and munching ­- the sounds of indulgence that signal our victory song. Your pizza spot needs to be a place

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